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A.V.Tchouvelev & Associates

A.V.Tchouvelev & Associates is a private research and consulting company in the area of risk management, hydrogen safety and codes and standards.

A.V.Tchouvelev & Associates has developed world-class expertise in risk management, hydrogen safety and codes and standards, both domestic and international, as well as in facilitating obtaining regulatory approvals for installation of hydrogen equipment.

To support its work, A.V.Tchouvelev & Associates has developed a world-class group of experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis that has a direct link to the software developer. Part of the team modeling hydrogen leaks and dispersion is a CFD modeler with a PhD in CFD and 30 years of experience in modeling various industrial flows including 15 years of experience in using the commercial general-purpose CFD software, PHOENICS. The modeling team is complemented by a PhD in CFD with 12 years experience, specializing in CFD code development. The AVT team has also developed in-house software for computing thermal effects and risk from hydrogen releases.